The Looptail. The Looptail was created by G Adventures as a place to share the stuff we love most about our planet. And we're not just talking about travel. Music, food, photography—anything worth sharing, really—is what goes here.

Trek in the Woods. Located along the beautiful Grand River in Southern Ontario near Brantford and Paris, we are an outdoor adventure company that is passionate about paddling and experiencing nature.

Ontario Travel Blog. Join us for a fun-filled summer in Ontario! This season our guest bloggers are sharing some of their most loved Ontario hidden gems and famous icons. Plus, watch for Ontario Travel posts about new and notable events and fan favourites.

Canada EH. is a popular tourism guide used for planning, researching and booking accommodations, tours, guides, attractions, transportation and everything travel in Western and Northern Canada. Come on and have fun planning your trip to Canada with us!

Portageur. is a place where the portaging community gathers to share information on our passion. As you navigate through this site you will find useful resources and articles about portaging, canoeing and camping.

Summer Fun Guide. is a comprehensive directory of the countless fun, exciting and interesting things to do in Ontario. If you're looking for something to do in Ontario, you'll find it here!

Outdoor Adventure Store. Come and talk to the experts from Ontario Tourism, Ontario Parks and over 40 of Ontario's best adventure providers! Discover the hot spots for stand-up paddling, canoeing, kayaking, biking, zip-lining and more!

Ontario Nature Adventures. Adventure travel in Ontario Canada is a natural experience. The best travel adventure is north of Toronto, where the population of wildlife species is more significant, and the natural setting more dramatic.

Ontario Outdoor. Be a true pioneer and get yourself out to where the call of the loon, the vastness of Ontario’s boreal forest, the sub-arctic tundra and the majesty of 100-year old white pine trees replace the intrusions of everyday life.

Adventure Canada. Founded in 1987, Adventure Canada was created to bring travellers to Canada's "blank spaces", those areas whose remoteness alone made them special. Over the last twenty-five years we have discovered that there is so much that is extraordinary about the places we travel.